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pc technician at workstation

Get an experienced Computer Technician to repair your workstation

Woah! Before you throw your PC out your window or decide to single handily fix your own minicomputer yourself. We recommend you take it to a Computer Technician to evaluate the possible issues of your machine.

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In the modern era of technology, all people from your neighbour, the gardener and even the children in schools have personal-computers.

In your hypothetical ideal world you wish that every number cruncher and data processor had a cybernetic organism or network that would mend itself whenever it ran into an internal processor issue.

This dystopian “neural net” fantasy is sadly not a reality. Not that we know of anyway.

There is however a very realistic one size fits all solution to your problems. The solution is contacting a computer technician to do the job.

A Computer technician is someone who fixes computers for a living.

Hard Drive Web Café is one of the best computer repair companies that have computer technicians ready to mend or improve your precious machine.

laptop being restored to former glory

Restore your laptop back to its former glory

Looking back at the first time you received your laptop straight out of the courier box.

It was amazing, untainted and ran all the everyday programmes on your system ran smoothly.

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Oh how we remember those good old days.

Over a few months, small issues start showing, your mobile-computer starts becoming frustrating to work with.

And then you walk up and down your work office thinking to yourself…

What is wrong with my laptop?

Viruses are super micro pieces of code that has the ability to spread itself to throughout the neural network. It has the potential to have catastrophic effects on your data and personal files on your system.

Viruses invite themselves on to your mainframe without you noticing.

They can come from anywhere. You can get viruses from copying work documents from someone’s flash drive. Or even get viruses from Downloading files from your favourite streaming website.

Viruses can change the behaviour of master control of your machine like slowing down the performance of your computer.

It can also make the electric brain of the machine work irregularly in dysfunctional ways that would make working with the computer a pain in the back-side.

Virus removal is a service for removing digital viruses and will medicate your product back to perfect health.

Malware is software designed to interrupt the normal flow of the factory functions on your system.

It has the ability to damage other software that you like using commonly. They might stop working all together.

But that’s not all.

It is well known that the scariest thing malware can do is gain unauthorised access to all your personal information.

Imagine another hacker taking advantage of your personal information for their personal gain like stealing passwords or going on to your Facebook account without your consent.

This is something that should be dealt with soon as possible and no laughing matter.

Speak to a professional computer technician to get your computer secure and in safe hands.

Sometimes it is not as dangerous as the malware problem.

There could be a piece of software that was installed on your system that had an unintentional effect on the digital ecosystem.

Not all programmes work perfectly hand in hand with each other so you bound to run into problem eventually.

It is recommended that you install the latest version of all the programmes you use often. Older programmes tend to carry more issues and can run slow by default.

Some software companies run on a limited time plan which makes programmes functional or legal for only a year or two. Some examples of this are Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

Computer components have a limited life cycle.

At a certain point PC parts will cease to work and will have to be replaced with newer parts.

Just like a car, a pc also needs all its necessary parts, in order for it to execute properly.

Say you had issues with switching on your laptop.

One of the hardware components that might be broken is the computer’s battery or it could even be the power supply that is not giving power accordingly.

There is also the possibility that the screen is not displaying even though the machine is clearly switching on. It is possible to just do Screen Replacement luckily which is sometimes cheaper then replacing the whole product.

Microsoft Windows has annoying pop ups that jump at you every time you start your machine.

When Microsoft Office is not up to standard they will disable some of the features that you would normally use.

Every time you use a programme from the Microsoft Office it will show you a pop up just like Microsoft Windows.

Fortunately for you we have professionals who work for us who know exactly what to do with this dilemma.

Our Technicians have the Intel on the usual programmes. They also have experience in packages like QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is accounting software for all types of businesses.

In order to do some of the software renewals or software repair computer technicians might need to reboot the operating system. Data can be lost after this process.

Computer Technicians can make a backup of the data before a hard reboot based on your request.

Data can be lost in other ways. Viruses can delete or move data where it can’t be found. It is possible to get this data back with a Data Recovery.

Whatever the issue might be, there will be a computer technician that will fix your laptop with a laptop repair service.

machine maintenance proffesionals

Sometimes all your machine needs is some maintenance

In some cases a device can be underperforming because of data clutter. Digital Information needs to be regulated regularly.

Defragmentation of files is necessary to remove files that are stored in the background but never gets used. Weed out these files with computer maintenance services at an IT Centre.

Physical Clutter like dust and dirt can also have a negative long term effect. Cleaning computers in a non-professional setting can be devastating so it is not advisable for you to do yourself. Rather hand it over to IT Technician.

pc repairs from home

Receive PC repair services from the comfort of your own home

You don’t feel like traveling to an IT place to get your computer patched up. It feels like such an inconvenience to you.

Hard Drive Web Café has just the solution for you.

Just request a call out and our IT Computer Technicians will come to you.

Renovation Pricelist

Here are some prices for some of Hard Drive Web Café services

Shop Service Prices
General Maintenancefrom R500
Service (Clean Dust & Reapply Thermal Paste)R750
Reload Windows without BackupR500
Reload Windows with Backupfrom R750
Installation of Printers and DriversR250
Password Removal (Ts & Cs Apply)from R250
Labour per 30 minutesR250
Damage / Warranty ReportR250
Call Out Service Prices
Call Out (Includes first half hour)R375
Labour per hourR500

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